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Jun 6
“We need for publishing to break this trend. Stop idealizing white beauty. I would rather there were no models gracing YA book covers rather than see wall after wall of only white ones. It’s time for publishers and booksellers to act more responsibly. They have the ability to influence entire generations of young people. Tu Books is already paving the way with multicultural YA titles and covers. They have seen the need in the market, and they are answering it. It is up to booksellers and readers to support them, make it clear that their endeavor is important, and help it become a success. Then maybe more publishers will follow in their footsteps and help change the current landscape of YA book covers.”

 Ellen Oh, cross-posted from Hello Ello, on Racialicious

Great article! Also, check out Tu Books, an independent publisher that emphasizes “…adventurous fantasy, science fiction, and mystery novels featuring people of color set in worlds inspired by non-Western folklore or culture.” Aspiring writer? They accept submissions!

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